Heavy duty bus fuel cells: Enhanced durability and reliability


The Automotive Partnership of Canada (APC) project on Nex-Gen Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Buses is a government supported 3 year project dedicated to research and development of next generation heavy duty fuel cell buses in Canada. The project is based on a collaborative effort between an industry partner and three universities in British Columbia. Ballard Power Systems as the industry partner plays a key role offering years of experience in fuel cell technology and high level testing facilities.  Professors and students from Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria are in charge of leading and executing project sub-tasks focused on fuel cell membrane durability. 


The Power of Seeing: CT scans unlock secrets to making longer lasting fuel cells

Powerful scanners that give scientists a direct line of sight into hydrogen fuel cells are the latest tools Simon Fraser University researchers will use to help Ballard Power Systems Inc create more durable, lower-cost fuel cells. Use of these fuel cells in vehicles can substantially reduce harmful emissions in the transportation sector.


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